An ongoing project aimed at creating an immersive teahouse space. Using historical references surrounding tea in the UK as a tool for aiding communal dialogue. 

Event in the Garnethill multicultural centre, 02/17

Installation of objects and paintings in the barnes building, GSA, Parian, Maple, Oak, Acrylic and house paint on canvas, 01/18

Installation of objects and paintings in the the Rogart Street Campus, Glagsow,
Parian, Stonewear, Maple, Oak, Jesmonite, Foam, 03/17
Viewers can physically interact with the work. The space offers a meditative break to escape the high paced, anxiety-inducing pressures of the digital age. A core intention of the work regards our societal and individual perceptions of mental health. With a focus on how dialogue and tea can offer an environment for a group discussion regarding these matters.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles