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  1. Tea culture

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  1. B. 1995, London, Graduated in  sculpture and enviromental art at the Glasgow School of Art 2018. With a practice that centers around social exchange and dialoge. Currently living and working in Glasgow.


1. Tea culture

GSA degree show may 2018 - Resin, Maple, Oak, Parian, Stonewear, Galvanised steel, Cotton

GSA degree show may 2018 - Ash, Oak, Parian, Porcelain, Galvanised steel, Cotton

Project Cafe Feb 2018 - Resin, Maple, Oak, Parian, Stonewear.

        Using historical and contemporary references surrounding tea in the UK. I have been exploring our collective perception of the Victorian age the era’s symbolic relationship our stoical reserved attitudes regarding mental wellbeing. Through hijacking the techniques and decorative styles of the period, I created a series of objects as conversation pieces, using a wide range of processes and materials, including; steam bending, traditional joinery techniques as well as a large quantity of ceramic work. These act as ornaments to passively guide group discussion. The focus of the work has always been the social exchange itself with the objects being instrumental in facilitating this.

GSA degree show may 2018 - Ash, Oak, Parian, Porcelain, Galvanised steel, Cotton

        I have shown the work in alternative locations including the Garnethill Multicultural centre and The Project Cafe. Such spaces help inform the viewers perception of the work as an interactive one instead of a detached viewer–artist relationship. I have also focused on repeating events allowing for the work to become a meeting point rather than a one off art show.

Garnethill multicultural centre 02/18 - Ash, Oak, Parian, Porcelain, Galvanised steel, Cotton

            I see tea as a pre existing engrained tool that breaks barriers of awkwardness, allowing people to connect in a positive light. I have never intended on directly guiding dialogue. Instead I have aimed to create a particular kind of calm experience that might encourage a unique level of connection. Participants have commented on the grounding peaceful nature of the events and have repeated visits. There has been the absence of any members using their smartphones in the space. I have started to think of the work as having potential in being a simple escape from the high paced, anxiety-inducing pressures of the digital age.